About Us

Training Team USA is a brand umbrella for Automotive Training Team, Truck Training Team, Powersports Training Team and RV Training Team. The roots for these brands began in 2003 as Gil Weiss & Associates, LLC.

Gil Weiss has personally worked or had ownership shares in automobile, motorcycle, truck and power equipment dealerships in variable and fixed operations. This creates the authenticity that sets this company’s training delivery and curriculum design apart from other companies competing in this space. A Hiatus occurred from 2010 thru 2014 when Gil Weiss was recruited to become the Director of Curriculum for the National Automobile Dealer’s Association (NADA)and it’s sister-entity, American Truck Dealers (ATD) headquartered near Washington D.C.. Internally, this required taking a leave of absence from his own company, divesting all ownership shares by selling 100% of the stock to partner and long-time employee Karl Fauss and a requirement that the company name be changed in a way that would no longer contain the name of a NADA/ATD Director (Mr. Weiss) to avoid appearances of conflict of interest. The official corporation name became and continues to be registered as Automotive Training Team, LLC. The brands Training Team USA, Truck Training Team, Powersports Training Team and RV Training Team were added later to better represent the client diversity outside of normal automobile manufacturers.

Gil Weiss left the NADA/ATD organization after working with most car and heavy truck manufacturers for the U.S. and Canada and countless mega-dealer groups and having also been selected by the NADA dealer board through their audition process to be a convention speaker for all four years of tenure. After a year of consulting work during a non-compete period, Gil Weiss reacquired full ownership of the company he founded and resumed his former role, benefitting from the vast experience and the many industry contacts he acquired at NADA/ATD.


Gil Weiss – Instructor & Curriculum Specialist

Gil Weiss has provided educational programs for vehicle manufacturers, dealer groups, dealerships, and allied industry companies for over 25 years. Gil’s Dual skill set of presenting and writing training programs provides a content and delivery authenticity that participants immediately recognize and appreciate. He draws much of his inspiration from dealership positions he has held and from training OEM dealer-facing staff as well as retail and commercial sales teams throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Having spent years creating his own curriculum, he acquired the skills to write at a national caliber level during his four years as Director of Custom Curriculum for the National Automobile Dealers Association. Most of the car & truck programs he created during that time are still in use at NADA today and represent nearly the entirety of courses delivered to OEM and dealer group audiences throughout North America.

The NADA Dealer Board that vets talent for NADA Convention Workshops appreciated Gil’s speaking abilities and selected him as a convention workshop speaker for all four consecutive years of his tenure and in each case he created his own presentation.

In addition to the automobile industry, Gil also works extensively with the Commercial Vehicle and Heavy Truck industries. Ford Motor Company Dealership Commercial Account Manager Master Certification Program and regional programs were written by or inspired by Gil’s early regional work with Ford and he is recognized as their exclusive Master Certification Instructor for truck spec’ing and business-to-business selling.